Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Silver Lake Scene: Birds, Gas Mask, Piano Bars and Dancing

Can I just say how much I love living in Silver Lake! Some photos from a regular Saturday afternoon/evening tooling around my neighborhood with friends.

At Rebekah's Art Show
Our co-worker Rebekah had an art show at her place. This painting had a real live bird in it. Is this cruel?

At El Siete Mares At The Other Side
Paul got a great deal a gas mask at Eastside Mercantile which is going out of business. Later that night I went to hear Sonji Kimmons perform at The Other Side piano bar.

On Edgecliffe At Akbar
Up near Bekah's place we came across this awesome vintage cadillac. I caught this moment between Rod and Lumi dancing at Akbar.

See all the photos from this set here.

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