Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ART: Reception for "REALization" at S B London Gallery

SB London Gallery: "REALization" Reception

Each collection at S B London builds on the one before. Here's a clip of the artist and industrial designer Stacie London sharing her thoughts on it. Also a shot of Stacie and friends at the opening reception for "REALization" the exhibit of industrial art currently running.

SB London Gallery: "REALization" Reception SB London Gallery: "REALization" Reception

If you watched the clip, yes Shelayna did make it there after all. There she is with me and Lesley, and there's a shot of the forms from the new collection. The piece in the background is from "TRANSformation," the previous series.

[Check out more in my Art Opening photoset on Flickr.]

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