Friday, June 22, 2007

The About Town Rundown 6/22/07

This weekend Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery is having it's first ever Gay Erotic Zine & Comix Convention, featuring artwork, prints and comix from Glen Hanson, Patrick Fillion, Justin Hall, Mark Padilla, Sean Platter, John Blackburn, Drubskin and many more! It's from 1 to 7pm on Saturday June 23.

Echo Curio, The Echo Park Curiosity Shop and Art Gallery, is kicking off its tri-annual Group Art Show tonight at 8pm and having a Food/Art Potluck Sunday "Drunch" this Sunday at 3pm. "Make art, Bring art, Eat art!"

"REALization: Leaf Relief Landscapes" opens at SB LONDON gallery Saturday, June 23, from 6 to 10pm.

"S B London is a showroom of industrial art, exhibiting TECHNOcraft objects which inform, inspire, and relieve. Simple yet complex forms are created by studying, controlling, and abstracting nature's microscopic geometry. ...The process makes a practice of finding commonalities between seemingly disparate elements by exposing hidden information and information that is not commonly seen."

I went to their last show, "TRANSformation: Nature Decoded," and each exhibit builds upon the last one. It's absolutely fascinating and inspiring and I invite you to check it out.

Cast your vote at Lambda Legal's "Life Without Fair Courts" political cartoon contest. There's some awesome, thought-provoking work here, with commentary from a celebrity panel of judges including my pals Phil Jimenez and awesome DC Comics editor Joan Hilty.

Designer Slash Model: A funny take on a design firm comprised entirely of the beautiful people.

The Boyzillian? The's Patrick White waxes poetic on Manscaping.

What's on the tube:

  • Parody: Microsoft's "Big Ass Desk" Surface
  • Flying Hamsters (Looks like some ad exec has been playing online games.)
  • Bunny buggers cat!
  • VH1 Fit Club trainer loses it on Screech.

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I love, love, LOVE Designer Slash Model!! Hilarious. And your comment about a firm comprised entirely of the beautiful people cracked me up, too.

The erotic zine/comix convention looks awesome--that poster rocks, too!

Thanks for gathering and sharing the info here. Resources with styyyyle.

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