Friday, June 15, 2007

The About Town Rundown - 6/15/07

Tonight I'll be going to the John Pham art opening at The Secret Headquarters. Pham's work will be on display through July 15th.

John Pham is a Xeric Foundation grant winner who is best known for his Manga meets Indy styled Epoxy comic book anthology. Epoxy has been featured in XLR8R and Publishers Weekly and was named "the Best Comic of 2003" by THE FACE (U.K.).
As long as the gays help with chores, let 'em marry! From NY Times, "Bid to Ban Gay Marriage Fails in Massachusetts" -
One woman had “asked me to put it on the ballot for a vote, but since then a lovely couple moved in,” [Senator Gale] Candaras said. “She said, ‘They help me with my lawn, and if there can’t be marriage in Massachusetts, they’ll leave and they can’t help me with my lawn.’ ”
A little too attached to his clothes? Judge suing D.C. dry cleaner chokes up in court while recalling lost trousers: "A judge had to leave the courtroom with tears running down his face Tuesday after recalling the lost pair of trousers that led to his $54 million US lawsuit against a dry cleaner."

Batman's new costume revealed! But Dlisted asks the important question: "Where is the package?"

The controversy over whether or not George Bush's watch was stolen in Albania never seemed to be completely resolved. Some footage indicates it was stolen. Other footage indicates it wasn't. You decide.

On the tube:
  • Admit it you do have a crush on Obama
  • Some clips I shot at LA Gay Pride '07. dancing!
  • An iPhone fan vid from ViralMedium.
  • Cute guys gets back at telemarketer with Judge Judy Soundboard

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