Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LA Gay Pride '07 Pictures

LA Pride '07 LA Pride '07
This year the grand marshal was former professional basketball player, Jon Amaechi, an author, activist, philanthropist and all-around cool guy! He is founder of the Amaechi Basketball Centre, "an initiative to enthuse youth and their communities."

LA Pride '07
I was moved by the members of PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays). They were carrying signs that said: "God Blesses Us With A Gay Kid." How awesome!

LA Pride '07 LA Pride '07
Of course there were the requisite hotties! Here on the Micky's fire truck. I spotted my friend Zu with The Life Group's contingent. He's in the blue tights walking beside the float.

LA Pride '07 LA Pride '07
LA Pride '07 LA Pride '07
And I ran into tons of friends including Eddie Hibbs (aka Sister Erotica), amazing artist Miguel Angel Reyes, model/myspace-celeb Daniel Miagany, and writer Chuck Kim who is working on "Heroes" these days.

It was a colorful day to say the least! To see all the pictures and who else was there, visit my LA Pride '07 flickr set, or just view the slide show:

Go to this photoset to see who's who!

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