Monday, June 11, 2007

ART: "Toonfetish" Erotic Art Opening Reception

I kicked off Gay Pride '07 weekend with the opening reception of "Toonfetish," a collection of gay erotic illustration put together by Rick and Glen Hanson at Rick's Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood. It included art from Glen and a host of hot international illustrators!

I ran into a bunch of awesome folks: Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac, Steven from PinkMafiaRadio, Sean Platter, Miguel Angel Reyes, Squeaky Blond, Drewbird, Hollywood Ken, Rich Thigpen from Prism Comics, and Foxy Cotton.

Dax Savage performed, backed up by Drewbird. (I hadn't seen either in ages, and just happened to be wearing a leather cuff designed by Dax.)

Afterwards, a bunch of us went to The Eagle LA for a little post-party. You can see all the photographs (with captions) from the event here.

Go to this photo set to see who's who!

More pictures and clips from LA Gay Pride '07 coming soon. Check back!

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