Monday, December 31, 2007

My Winter 2007 Mixtape!

Just spreading some end-of-year music around. I call this my...

2007 Winter "Seven-Years-Went-Under-The-Bridge" Mixtape

Yes, there are about 50 songs. I got a little addicted to ProjectPlaylist. :)

Enjoy it! And have a safe and happy New Year's Eve and an abundant 2008!

If you prefer, use the Pop-Out Player.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"The Warriors" Movie Theme Dance Party by LionessLA

LionessLA's "The Warriors" Party LionessLA's "The Warriors" Party

The lady DJs of LionessLA threw a big party at Tantra called "Can.You.Dig.It." in the them of the classic, cult film The Warriors.

LionessLA's "The Warriors" Party LionessLA's "The Warriors" Party

It was also DJ Lady Sha's birthday, and they gave a shout-out to all the other Sagittarians. (Of which I am one.) Many girls dancing and frankly... a whole lot of cleavage! You can see the rest of the pictures on my flickr photoset.

LionessLA's "The Warriors" Party LionessLA's "The Warriors" Party

Filmmaker Janet Harvey was there! And producer Joanne Roboz. Both of whom were at Cannes this year and did not run into each other until this night in Silver Lake.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Equus Gets Hot New Star: Steve Jones

TV Host and former model, Steve Jones, takes over Daniel Radcliffe's role in Equus.

And here's the classic Steve Jones plants one on Jake "Scissors Sisters" Shears clip:

I always love how flustered Shears is for the rest of the clip!

And now... "The Joker" from the New Batman Movie

Very "Killing Joke" if you ask me. And I love the details like the bloody nails. Looks promising.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cover Art for The Protector

Cover Art for The Protector

This is a sneak preview of artwork I just finished. It's the cover for the book The Protector by NL Gassert from Seventh Window Publications. My friends Chandler and David served as the inspiration.

The publisher just sent me over a mock-up of what the finished piece will look like.

The Protector Book Jacket Mock-Up

I've read a bit of it, and it sounds fantastic so be sure to pick up a copy or order one online!

Homewrecker Houseboy

My pal David (bartender at Akbar) is posting a webisodic series he made to YouTube.

It's a melodramatic, gay soap opera. Hilarious stuff. Or at least something to enjoy while the strike is on. Hey, maybe ABC should put it one after they run out of new Desperate Housewives!

His YouTube channel is

Here's the preview vid:

STYLE WARS: Nerding Up a Fashion Event

Style Wars at CinespaceJanet Harvey and I were covering House of Diehl's STYLE WARS: Style Battle Championship LA for

It was an awesomely cool event where 8 designers competed against each other in 5 minute real-time design challenges and runway walk-offs. (Sort of like an MC battle.)

The styles very "couture, impossible to wear" designs, and one of the judges was Jody Watley who is still incredibly beautiful. (You can read more about it here.)

At one point, in reference to the design pictured below, we had the following exchange:

Me: Hey doesn't that look like something out of Dune?
Janet: Like a Bene Gesserit?
Me: Exactly!
Janet: Wow, did we just totally nerd up a fashion event?

Style Wars at Cinespace

Also, for the ultimate in geek chic, Newspaper Dresses! Designed by Payam Emrani of (You can spot him there wearing a bow-tie.)

Style Wars at Cinespace

You can see the rest of my photographs from Style Wars here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gay Gamer Reveals Results of Coming Out on Halo 3

Found this over on
"A gay gamer wrote in and tipped us off to what happened when he decided to come out to his fellow online players during a recent game of Halo 3 by using the gamertag "xxxGayBoyxxx". He recorded the video (audio NSFW).

"xxxGayBoyxxx writes, on his YouTube page: 'Other than maybe a quick 'hello' to the chat room or a request to 'veto', I didn't ever say anything first or taunt anyone. What was said by these players was initiated by them with no provocation on my part. The vast majority of the times I wouldn't even respond back so the audio would be clear.'"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Lesbionic Woman

In a word: Brilliant!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Art Crawl X Tonight! Solid Gallery One Opens with Ryan Graeff

Art Crawl X starts tonight and goes on through this weekend here in Los Angeles. A couple of weeks ago I went and checked out the new Solid Gallery One which just opened on Silver Lake Blvd. Tonight marks their first show and opening reception for a new collection of solo works by Ryan Graeff. Check out my visit:

And that's just the start of my art crawling tonight. I'll be checking out the following events in the order listed:

Monday, August 27, 2007

America Ferrera, Zachary Quinto et al. get Hot in Hollywood!

America Ferrera, Michael Urie, Becki Newton, Parminder Nagra, Linka Cardellini, Zachary Quinto, Jack Coleman, Sara Ramirez and many others ham it up to benefit Local AIDS Charities at the 2nd Annual Hot In Hollywood event.

The amazing Michael Medico began Hot In Hollywood as a project when he was a participant in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program. My friend Wonder Bright who was also one of the founders invited me.

The project has been embraced by the community and taken on a life of it's own. It was a truly inspriring evening.

Hot In Hollywood: America Ferrera Hot In Hollywood: Dancers

Here's a shot of America Ferrera, tassles on her bustier and all, as well as the HiH dancers.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Leaked: Annie Lennox w/ Madonna "SING"

The new Annie Lennox single "SING" featuring Madonna and a host of other female artists has leaked. Here is the link.

And here is the video from her upcoming single "Dark Road."

Both songs are from her upcoming album Songs of Mass Destruction which is on my "must-buy" list. Actually, it is my "must-buy list. Don't know what it is about Lennox, but she just gets me every time.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

LA Mr. Gay Competition: Video & Pics

This year the Los Angeles Mr. Gay Competition teamed up with Lifeworks Mentoring for a big serving of awesome hotties with a side order of activism.

At the LA Mr. Gay 2007 Competition

The Results are announced and Elliott, Mr. Take-a-Hike LA is the winner.

Mr. Gay LA 2006 Illustration

As part of last year's grand prize package Mr. Gay LA '06, Jimmy Waters, received an illustration I did of himself as a superhero. And here's a clip of him saying goodbye.

Andrew Christian and Dennis Hensley preside over the "talent" competition. Actor/comedian Alec Mapa chats with Dennis during the break.

At the LA Mr. Gay 2007 Competition At the LA Mr. Gay 2007 Competition

Mr. Gay Estonia gets friendly with the locals. Me and Tony after the show.

At the LA Mr. Gay 2007 Competition At the LA Mr. Gay 2007 Competition

Ross Mar and a friend. We were cheering on our pal Daniel Miagany.

At the LA Mr. Gay 2007 Competition At the LA Mr. Gay 2007 Competition

Dennis Hensley and some of the contestants during the show. Me, Steven Blank from and Daniel after the show.

Monday, August 06, 2007

13 Comic-Con Video Blogs: Bizarre, Behind-the-Scenes

What if you video-blogged Comic-Con without actually having Comic-Con in any of the videos?

Tim Fish and I set out to do that. The result: 2 clips that feature some of the highlights of Con itself, and 10 clips that feature me and Tim hanging out in hotels, talking about guys, mulling over which party to go. It's a bizarre, behind-the-scenes look at Comic-Con International.

Comic-Con 2007

The shit above is Anderson Gabrych posing with his favorite thing at Comic-Con.

Comic-Con 2007

I have to highlight this one, because it was so immediately popular once I uploaded it. My friend Joanne, a producer and development exec, always joins us for Con and at The Big Gay Dinner. Hanging out with her at Comic-Con is one of my favorite things, and several of the following video-blogs feature hijinks in her hotel room.

Tim and I ponder sleeping arrangements. And a clip with my favorite bits of the Conventions and Roger Klorese of Prism Comics talks about gay comics.

Tim and I discuss "The Comic-Con Dress." Later we ponder what to do with our evening.

We discuss which party to go to and long-haired guys. Tim in his underwear!

Joanne joins us at Baja Fresh. An incident with the champagne.

Joanne makes a confession and we talk size comparisons. A fond fairwell Comic-Con.

And here's a bonus clip of Joanne and I discussing the bedding at The Westin vs. the decor at The Sofia Hotel. Riveting!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pictures from Comic-Con 2007

I spent last Wednesday through Sunday down at Comic-Con International. I'm amazed at how huge it is now. Saturday was sold out in advance, and Friday sold out during the event itself. The WB was handing out these huge bags that one fan wore on Sunday:

Comic-Con 2007

As usual I stayed with my friends Brian (who is now a viral video star due to "It's all because the gays are getting married...") and Tim Fish, artist and writer of Cavalcade of Boys. I just uploaded 72 pictures to my photostream, and here are some highlights:

Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007

Chandler from LuckyLegendary as The Midnighter. Two amazing Masters of the Universe costumes, Lockjaw and Evil-Lyn.

Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007

The Iron Man prototype armor from the upcoming movie! Some guy in gold speedos. Don't ask.

Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007

Jose Villarrubia, Marc Andreyko and I at The Big Gay Dinner - Year 5. Me and Jabba the Hutt.

Please check out all the rest of the photos from Comic-Con here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

It's All Because (The Gays Are Getting Married)

A brilliant political parody music video from Oded Gross. I'm biased. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Brian Siegel, plays the Gay Guy Gardening. He's so cute in it too!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Big Gay Dinner: Year 5!

I started this out five years ago at Comic-Con as a small get-together with some other gay comics industry folks and our friends, both queer and straight. The name was just my ironic nod to South Park.

I think it's a testament to the unity and enthusiasm of the people that come, that it has lived into that name, and become a large, inclusive, and just all-out fun event that folks look forward to every year. I'm honored that the community embraced it.

Here are some pics from Comic-Cons past: TBCG-3 and TBGD-4

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cute Spandex Guys Reveal Which Superhero They Would Do!

More from Hard Heroes 4 at MJ's! In the clip above I asked everyone, "Which superhero they would like to be... and which superhero they would like to do?" Aquaman seemed like a surprisingly popular choice. Who knew?

The clip features lots of awesome guys including Trevor Wayne, Ian O'Phelan, Tobias Trost, Sean Platter, David LeBarron, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac, Ken Knox, the folks from Lucky Legendary and The LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!

Ted Abenheim and Eddie "Sister Erotica" Hibbs put together this benefit for Being Alive LA with help from the LA Sisters and a host of sponsors. I was there as one of the featured artists with the Prism Comics contingent.

There are pics and another video in my previous post. I'll post more photographs and another clip soon. (Busy getting ready for Comic-Con!)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Legendary Ladies Share their Superhero Fantasies at Hard Heroes

at MJ's for Hard Heroes

The above clip features Leawyn and Justice from LuckyLegendary telling me their superhero fantasy. On Sunday we were at MJ's for Hard Heroes 4, a benefit for Being Alive LA, where I was one of the featured artists. (Thanks to Ted Abenheim of Prism for asking me and organizing it.)

at MJ's for Hard Heroes

More clips and pictures from the event coming soon. So check back!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Two-Fisted Fetish Weekend! Toonfetish BBQ and Hard Heroes IV

Gearing up for Comic-Con, I'm involved in two hugely fun events this weekend. So if your weekend can take this much action from both ends (Friday and Sunday) I invite you to come along!

On Friday Rick Castro and I are throwing the Feed Your Fetish Barbecue at the Antebellum Gallery. It's the closing celebration for the Toonfetish exhibit that is up right now. I promise it will be a sizzling summer soirée. We're screening "Kizuna" the first gay anime (yaoi), and Joe Phillips' adult cartoons "Stonewall & Riot" and "House of Morecock!" Suds 'n wieners will be served. (Click the image above left for details.)

Check out my previous Toonfetish videoblog and photoblog for more about the event.

On Sunday I'm one of the featured artists at the Hard Heroes party that Instigator Magazine is putting on at MJ's as a benefit for Being Alive LA. I went to the last HH party, and these are tons of fun. Lots of hotties in spandex... if that's your thing. And really, who isn't in to that?! (Click the image above right for details.)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sketch Painting: Demonic Trevor

Sketch Painting: Demon Trevor

When I was chatting with Trevor and Sean the other day about Sean's DemonicSex book and got it into my head to do a little sketch painting of Trevor as a demon. Wanted to re-interpret his tattoos and re-interpret "demon."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

MUSIC: Legendary Linda Hopkins Surprises Silver Lake Bar

Two clips of legendary blues and gospel singer Linda Hopkins surprising the local Silver Lake patrons of The Other Side piano bar with an impromptu jam session accompanied by Sonji Kimmons. I had to stopped by Other Side after some art openings and before heading over to Akbar just in time to catch this golden moment. She sang "Down Home Blues" and "Everyday I Have the Blues."

At The Other Side: Sonji Kimmons

Above is a photo of regular Saturday night chanteuse Sonji Kimmons performing later that night. You may recall Sonji from previous blog entries about my wanderings through Silver Lake.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ART: Reception for "REALization" at S B London Gallery

SB London Gallery: "REALization" Reception

Each collection at S B London builds on the one before. Here's a clip of the artist and industrial designer Stacie London sharing her thoughts on it. Also a shot of Stacie and friends at the opening reception for "REALization" the exhibit of industrial art currently running.

SB London Gallery: "REALization" Reception SB London Gallery: "REALization" Reception

If you watched the clip, yes Shelayna did make it there after all. There she is with me and Lesley, and there's a shot of the forms from the new collection. The piece in the background is from "TRANSformation," the previous series.

[Check out more in my Art Opening photoset on Flickr.]