Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic-Con 2008: "Horny-making!"

Comic-Con 2008 Comic-Con 2008

Rather than trying to convey the extreme sensory overload that is Comic-Con International, I give you the first picture I took: saying hello to Superboy and Supergirl. And the last one: saying good-bye to DC Comics' Bob Schreck, one of my most favorite people. For everything in-between: the parties, the costumes, the fun, visit my photostream on Flickr.

Here are just a few highlights I can't resist sharing with you:

Comic-Con 2008 Comic-Con 2008

My friend Scotty returns this year, coins the catch-phrase, "Comic-Con is so horny-making!" and pops-up in the most unexpected places, barely staying out of trouble.

Comic-Con 2008 Comic-Con 2008

Speaking of "horny-making," Jenny (and Michelle seen in the background) attracted an unrelenting stream of fanboys hungry for cleavage and mid-riff. (Readers of this blog are already familiar with their many talents.) Also sporting mid-riff, Rocket Boy must get his name from the rocket he's hiding in his shorts!

Comic-Con 2008 Comic-Con 2008

Last but certainly not least, congratulations to new parents Kelly-Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction who have brought baby Henry Leo to his very first Comic-Con! So cute. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Superhero Fashion Emergency

I'm down here in San Diego at Comic-Con staying with my pals Scotty and Chris from Canada. I'll have more on that later. Meanwhile, here's an awesomely funny video that points out something so obvious and so hilarious about superhero costumes. The bit with He-Man at the end is the best!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Estelle Getty: Tribute to Sophia

The Golden Girls is one of my all-time favorite shows. I'm saddened to hear about the passing of Estelle Getty. Sophia Patrillo will live on as one of the greatest creations of all time. Here's a tribute with some of her funniest and most poignant moments. The last clip really shows actress Estelle Getty at her best.

Estelle Getty 1924-2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

"Mamma Mia" Release Party in WeHo

"Mamma Mia" Release Party at Here Lounge "Mamma Mia" Release Party at Here Lounge

At the "Mamma Mia!" release party, I meet the wonderful folks from WowVowNow who have paired up with Mizrahi Diamonds to give us a new line of engagement and wedding rings. That's Christopher Nicholson the ring designer showing off the goods with friends.

On a non-marriage related note, Nick Verreos delights in showing off that overseas hookers are wearing Andrew Christian underwear in their ads. It would make a great guerilla marketing campaign! (Please note that Nick took the time to wear a Greek themed costume.)

"Mamma Mia" Release Party at Here Lounge "Mamma Mia" Release Party at Here Lounge "Mamma Mia" Release Party at Here Lounge

Every time I go to a movie release party at Here, I come away with a new BFF, and this time it is Angelica Limcaco from Mizrahi Diamonds. Her equally hot sister, Vanessa, was there too. And I must give a shout out to Nelson Melegrito and DIVA for everything they do!

Who else was there? Click here to see all my photos from the party.

Riot on Melrose Grand Opening Party

RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception
RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception

My pal Keoki Tavares is an awesome designer, and at his grand opening party I run into all the fun people in LA. Well at least some that I know. There's Keoki with paragon of style, Bobby Trendy. Onch Movement shows off shows us how to accessorize with black jewelry and cute guys. Janice and Sean from ABC News cozy up to Fabrice and Matt from and Pink Banana Media. And the luscious Dirty Diana drops in.

RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception
RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception

The evening gown section is hugely popular. Here we see Miguel Angel Reyes outfitting his latest muse. Harry Grant and his date win the prize for the most elegant pair at the event. Keoki glams up the red carpet with Alexis Arquette. Daniel DiCriscio and Hector Monserratte are the new men in black.

Please click here to see all my photographs from the night.

RIOT LA Grand Opening Reception

Here's a shot of me and Keoki and a little video snapshot of Sean dancing, Bobby trending, and other hijinks from the night!

Bootie LA - Independence Day!

Bootie LA - July 2008 Bootie LA - July 2008

It's a grand old time at Bootie LA's Independence Day party. It's Joanne's first time, and she is having a blast! Dahni's short red shorts are very popular especially with the ladies. The guys bring their friend Justin. (See all my pix here.)

Bootie LA - July 2008 Bootie LA - July 2008

Meanwhile I catch up to the truly mysterious, Mysterious D! Olivier, Chandler and Dahni show off their patriotic spirit. For the rest of my pix from the Bootie Independence Day Party go here.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot Child In The City!

Summer Heat Baby Carriage

I know it's been hot in Los Angeles, but has it really come to this? I mean, really!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Outfest '08 Kicks-Off Party at O-Bar

Outfest '08 Kick-Off Party at O-Bar Outfest '08 Kick-Off Party at O-Bar
Outfest '08 Kick-Off Party at O-Bar Outfest '08 Kick-Off Party at O-Bar

Outfest 2008 is here! And on the night before it starts, I find myself at O-Bar for DIVA's kick-off party. Here are a few folks I run into: Doug Prinzivalli, John Carrozza and Dennis Hensley, producers and writer of "Screening Party." Stars Charlie David and Derek Baynham with director Chip Hale of "Mulligans." Doug and Derek, The Perry Twins, flank Quinn Coleman of here! Film/Networks and Jovy Jonolo. And I finish the evening off enjoying dessert with friends Travis Muroki, Kyle Foxx, Brandon Baker, and Angel Benton.

To see all the photos from this party click here.

Outfest '08 Kick-Off Party at O-Bar Outfest '08 Kick-Off Party at O-Bar Outfest '08 Kick-Off Party at O-Bar

Last but not least here are Brett Chukerman and Tad Hilgenbrinck from "Curiosity of Chance" which looks awesome. (Think Gay '80 Teen Movie.) My favorite couple producer Renzo Soriano and actor Eli Kranski who is starring in "Holding Trevor." And my pal Jerah getting close to Mr. Gay LA, Elliott Elsner.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Drag Queens Got Your Back!

David LeBarron who enchanted us with the gay melodrama "Homewrecker Houseboy" has a site so brilliant, I can't believe I've made it this far without: Daily Drag Queen Affirmations!

A brilliant cast of characters including Jackie Beat, Jazzmun and Willam Belli, arrive at your computer every day with a cheery pick-me-up or word of wisdom. As the site promises: "You're Fabulous! ...Now you know."

LeBarron himself as Auntie Luscious gives you a hilarious tour, and you may recognize Mr. Dan, Lyla Ka Rug and many drag queen alumnae of Dragstrip66!

McCain Removes Librarian from Town Hall Meeting

A 61 year-old librarian is removed from a McCain campaign town hall meeting, presumably for trespassing. On public property? Perhaps the "McCain=Bush" sign she carries has something to do with it. Although, as she puts it: "Why is that offensive to Republicans who voted for Bush?" (Found via Towleroad.)

Reality TV: Not a Place for Friends!

FourFour blog makes a hilarious montage of the most over-used line in Reality TV! I knew I'd heard someone say it before! To be fair, I have to say that all the reality stars I met at the Reality Check benefit a few weeks ago were very friendly.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dancing Matt: This video makes your heart sing!

Matt dances his way around the world. And guess what? Dancing is universal! And we're all one people. Just watch the video! Anything I have to say won't do it justice. The site is Where The Hell Is Matt? and the hi-res version of the video is awesome.

I will add that my dad and I thought it was particularly cool that Fiji, where I was born, is in here, as well as Gurgaon, India which is where my great-grandparents were from.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Parody: He Kissed a Girl!

Captain Lucky, Justice and Leawyn (aka Tim, Jenny & Michelle) from Lucky Legendary explore... the other side. Hilarious!

You may recall Jenny and Michelle gracing the blog before with songs about Love on the Internet and fantasies about Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Enjoy!