Friday, December 12, 2008

"Gay for Good" Community Service Group Dinner

Gay For Good Potluck Dinner Gay For Good Potluck Dinner

My pal Monte and I went to the "Gay for Good" potluck dinner last night. "Gay for Good" is a community service group that Tony Biel just started. In his own words:
"Gay for Good is an all-volunteer organization focused on bridging the gap between the LA GLBT community, and the greater LA community. The objective is to reach out to other non-profit organizations in LA County to volunteer our time to their efforts, events and initiatives."
This was the first organizational meeting and potluck dinner which is why all my pictures are of us signing up for stuff. I should note that Tony made a very popular Shepherd's Pie! (You've seen him on this blog before.)

Monte and I recently went to the Equal Roots "Conference for the GLBT Movement," and they had a similar message of building coalitions with the greater community. Aside from all this protesting, activism and community service, Monte declared we're "changing the world and finding husbands along the way!" I could get on board with that.

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