Thursday, December 18, 2008

American Idol "The Most Horrible Day Of Our Lives" - Split Screen

My friends Brendan Bonner, Vincent Greenlee, Joe McGovern, David Schumann and Jagran Boise Thomas were devastated by David Cook winning American Idol over that cutie-pie David Archuleta. (Weren't we all?!) Amazingly, some random girls had the exact same reaction. How weird is that?!

Luckily David used his video skills to capture it all and posted the clip side-by-side! Watch:

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e said...

Um ... I don't get it. Who are the random girls? And why did they get their reaction of video? And how did David get said video? Huh??

Although now I know why Ian Ng sent me the link to this, cos I know the guys - I didn't recognize them though, the screen was too small. I should have played it full screen.