Wednesday, September 17, 2008

VIDEO: Obama's "Transforming This Country" Speech at Streisand Fundraiser in LA

Obama's moving speech at Barbra Streisand's fundraiser in Los Angeles as captured by photographer Lewis Peyton and posted to his YouTube Channel. Obama gets serious while still touching people and being an inspiring leader.

In an exclusive report on Towleroad, Peyton states:
"Obama spoke, without notes or teleprompter, for 20 minutes. While media were banned from the event, his speech left no doubt as to why he was in town. "It's nice to have Barbra and Ben singing, but that's not what this is about. It's about a struggle for the future, a struggle for the next generation, it's about who we are as a country and who we are as a people, and this is a serious fight, and I intend to win it, but I'm going to need your help.'"


Babel In Brunswick said...

Not a chance of transforming this country. Mr. Obama is an elitist and he proved it last night by attending a fund raiser hosted by Babwa at $28,000 a plate. Remember these are the Dems who want you to believe they are working for the little people while they sip their merlot and eat their sponge cake. It has become a political arena in which the bitter Americans clinging to their religion and guns are going to take back America and tell the Libs no more.

GM said...

Thanks for that incisive commentary, Babel. You parrot those talking points like a pro.

Obama obviously makes you feel inferior, hence the "elitist" tag. Well, you know what? Good. He should. He's a remarkably accomplished, brilliant leader. There is NOTHING wrong and everything RIGHT about such a powerful thinker, orator, and organizer lead this country. He is a magnet for talent, and that's what makes him a perfect choice for president.

Who the hell cares how much he asks his supporters to pony up to come to this fundraiser? It's their money. And I hope they got something better than Merlot and sponge cake.

So I ask you: What or whom would you rather see in Obama's place? Hillary? Would she not be courting the same crowd? McCain? You think Obama attracts privileged elites? You ain't seen nothing till you've seen the entitlement and over-indulgence on display in a gather of GOP faithful.

You have no argument, Babel. Only dull little barbs to toss lazily across the Internet. Come back when you have an actual argument.

Aman Chaudhary said...

@babel Uh... McCain had a similar celebrity fundraiser last month -

pmichellej said...

Celebrities are as much citizens of this country as you and I. They happen to have jobs in the public eye (like politicians). They are a good source for fund raising since film/tv/music seem to be some of the only exports we still have to sell to the world. Obama chose not to accept public funding so he's got no choice but how is this different then taking money from the government or worse than taking money from special interests? If a mixed race, poor, single parent child who worked as a community organizer is an elitist then what is John McCain, a while politician married to an heiress for the last 20 odd years? Is a black man an elitist because he speaks well and knows famous people? As Aman pointed out, McCain has celebrity friends too.

Babel In Brunswick said...

Did Jerimiah Wright, Tony Rezko and Bill Ayres attend Obama's Hollywood feast?

e said...

I actually researched the issue of Bill Ayres and Tony Rezko, and I urge you to check it out too, because they are barely associated with Obama. Using that kind of argument, then I'm a criminal because I am around them every day - except I'm a prosecutor.

As for being an elitist - I don't get why that is a bad thing. If anyone should be the elite, it should be the leader of the free world. And don't kid yourself, the whole "I'm a man of the people" thing with Bush and McCain is a facade: they are both rich. Folksy is not the same as man of the people.

Aman Chaudhary said...

I remember back when Dan Quayle publicized the term "Cultural Elite." Attacking the "elitists" is spurious argument to which the Republicans sadly cling.