Saturday, September 20, 2008

Contrasting Responses to Economic Crisis form Obama & McCain

Obama fires back against McCain's "sad" attacks. McCain is now clutching at straws and blaming Obama for the economic crisis.

The Jed Report puts together a side-by-side contrast of Obama and McCain's responses to the situation. Says Jed Lewinson:
"One the one hand, in Barack Obama we've got a statesman who wants to work together to get things done for all Americans. On the other hand, in John McCain we've got a yipping little dog (apologies to canine lovers everywhere) who will tear anything down to get ahead."
Political strategist Ari Melber refuses to let the Repbulicans make light of the situation. He once again shows us "How You Stick it to Lying Republican Hacks" and is a strong new voice in the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colber gets sound advice from his financial advisor "Gorlock."

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Toronto real estate agent said...

This result was expectable - both candidates are blaming each other and presenting "great" plans, how to settle the crisis "quick and cheap". And the real solution - nowhere (at least I haven't seen any) Unfortunately, we have it doubled here in Canada - one half of the newspapers is about our Liberals vs. Conservatives battle and the second half about Republicans vs. Democrats fight ...