Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain/Palin Spread Lies, Ignorance and Confusion

CNN fact checks McCain. The verdict? He's not telling the truth. Also the widely reported "Spanish Gaffe" is escalating into a diplomatic incident as McCain refuses to admit he was confused, preferring to explain away the bizarre interview. Watch a great play-by-play analysis of it on Talking Points Memo TV.

Not to be left out, Palin's story about accepting the nomination does not add up to previous statements from both Todd Palin and Senator McCain. Read the full explanation on Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish.

If you haven't heard, it's now the "Palin/McCain" ticket according to the governor herself. Just an odd series of lies, ignorance and confusion.

On the lighter side, Stephen Colbert comments on the McCain/Palin ticket's "How Dare You?" attitude to the media:

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