Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama Has a Plan While McCain Flip-Flops, Republicans Continue Avoiding Responsibility

As the DOW drops another 449 points today, McCain back-pedals and flip-flops on the economy. ABC News sums up how the deregulation rules McCain supported allowed companies like AIG to get themselves into their current financial situations thus leading to the nation's economic crisis.

So you might ask, as Chris Matthews does as he eviscerates Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), where is President Dubya in all of this? Well, if he shows his face, the nation will remember that he is a Republican, but the Republican party is doing all it can to avoid responsibility for its policies.

As AmericaBlog puts it:
"You are losing your house...ON THEIR WATCH. You are bailing out corporations...ON THEIR WATCH. You can't afford gas...ON THEIR WATCH."
Finally, Obama calls McCain out on it saying the "Good Old Boys' Network" is basically a McCain staff meeting. True.

Meanwhile Obama actually has a plan, and you can read it at

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