Friday, June 20, 2008

Crowd Goes GaGa as Smash-Up Derby RAIDs Bootie LA

Bootie LA "Pirate Ball" 3rd Anniversary Party

The Bootie LA "Pirate Ball" has me wondering how these guys can possibly top themselves? When Lady GaGa makes a surprise appearance voguing to a mash-up of her hit, "Just Dance," I imagine that might be the highlight of the evening.

Bootie LA "Pirate Ball" 3rd Anniversary Party

But following her, Smash-Up Derby, the world's only live mash-up band takes us to new heights of musical genius including Rihanna vs. The Cure - "Fascination Umbrella" and Bootie LA favorite "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey mashed up with Smashing Pumpkins' "1979."

Please click here for all the photographs from the Pirate Ball!

Bootie LA "Pirate Ball" 3rd Anniversary Party Bootie LA "Pirate Ball" 3rd Anniversary Party
Bootie LA "Pirate Ball" 3rd Anniversary Party Bootie LA "Pirate Ball" 3rd Anniversary Party

The completely unexpected surprise: Ramie Becker and Random Acts of Irreverent Dance (RAID) give a performance that has to be seen to be believed. Friends of mine Keoki, Sam, and Andy who have never been to Bootie LA are there for the first time and love it to pieces. And I run into the ultra-fabulous Clint Catalyst.

I can't forget to mention the... wait for it... Pirate Blow-up Doll Mosh Pit. The few photographs here can't do the night justice so please click here to check them all out.

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Clint Catalyst said...

Thanks for the shout-out and photo postings, Aman!

I'm dying to upload my own pics and "blogature" about the evening, but I've been waiting on my webmistress to fix three fkn' glitches before I do a formal 're-launch.' (One of the three is the ability to upload new images into the gallery,, hi. I'm trying to be patient, but daaaaang maing! I wanna GET THIS SHIT GOIN' (without being an ingrate to the two friends who made/maintain it for me), ya naw mean?

Fortunately, my links are listed on the right-hand side, front page... and, since they're in alphabetical order and all?

You've got pretty prime placement, babes. *winkage*

CHECK IT when you get a hot second--

and of course:

throwin' mad affection your direction for listing me as 'ultra-fabulous!'

You ain't too shabby yourself, Mister Thing!



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