Friday, June 13, 2008

"Kara Walker" Closing Bash at The Hammer: Rape, Slavery, Dancing!

"Kara Walker" Closing Party at The Hammer "Kara Walker" Closing Party at The Hammer "Kara Walker" Closing Party at The Hammer

"Wow! She had a bad day," says my friend Shana. We're at the Kara Walker "My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love" closing bash at The Hammer Museum. Judging from the crowd who is stunned into silence, I will say a show about rape, slavery, torture, lynching and more rape is not ideal for a closing night party with DJ, drinks and dancing.

And there's the "Get-your-own-free-silhouette" guy. So you too can depict your own story of rape, slavery, and torture at home. (Did I mention the anal rape?)

Walker is a genius, no questions asked. Not only does she combine the most graphic subjects with the most subtle media, silhouettes and shadow puppetry, but she boldly defies convention by employing figurative and narrative sequential art.

On a wonderful side note, I do run into Shana Waterman, a friend from school, whom I haven't seen in ages, and meet her friends Kim and Monique! We agree to get together again for more dancing and drinks. (Sans rape and slavery.)

I couldn't take pictures of the exhibit itself but click here for more shots of the festivities.

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