Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playlist: The "Spring Ends / Summer Begins" Mix-Tape

Happy First Day of Summer! Here's my latest seasonal Playlist...

The "Stick It Out 'til The End... of Spring" Mix-tape!

About 60 songs that I've listened to through Spring, old and new favorites. Enjoy it during warm summer nights and days by the pool! And here is a secret detail about my playlists: Each and every song is meant for someone specific. ;)

For continuous play while you surf the web, please listen using the Pop-Out Player.

You can click here for last season's:


dance commander said...

Superawesomeradicalsweetness! This is the perfect mix for my upcoming inflatable pool party!

closetalk said...

TOTALLY luv de mix, aman! :)

Rick Andreoli said...

Some great picks. I can't wait to listen through it.