Monday, July 31, 2006

Thtrollin' on a Thunday in Thilverlake

This past Sunday, I discover a new place for brunch, El Cid. This Silverlake hangout is well-known for it’s flamenco nights, but who knew it serves a fabulous brunch to a largely labia-lovin’ clientele that all swoon to the sounds of Jerrie Thill & Friends! Jerrie is an awesome, octogenarian jazz drummer. She’s also very open to ‘guest vocalists,’ saying “If I’m workin’ everyone’s got to work.” My friend Daniel gets up for an impromptu rendition of “I’ve Got The World on a String.”

Later on, strolling through The SL, I run into fellow Harvard-Westlake alum, Darren Stein, at that cool new, perpetually-packed gelato place on the corner of Sunset and Hyperion. He is working on a treatment for a reality show he is pitching to VH1 with Clint Catalyst. The SL is a pretty cool place to stroll, especially with all the new stores and galleries opening up. I know, as an artist, I should be down on gentrification, but as a property-owner I can’t help but being pleased by it too. Does that make me a sell-out?

Greg says I should replace ‘hiking and yoga’ and my list of “Interests” with ‘strolling and napping’ because I love those things more. It’s true these days. So after strolling we go back to my place and take a nap. Afterwards we stop by Mae Ploy for dinner. Mae Ploy has no atmosphere, but great Thai food as opposed to the over-rated Rambutan Thai down the street. We also notice that there are a lot of bears there. Are the husky gay men all moving south now? This is the crowd that was more prevalent down near Sunset Junction back in the day.

We are amused that after giving our order to one waitress, another comes by and says: “I will follow your orders.” How’s that for service!

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