Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Awesome Women of Comics!

I met some amazing women at Comic-Con this year.

Donna Barr http://www.stinz.com/

Roberta Gregory http://robertagregory.com/

Paige Braddock http://www.paigebraddock.com/

Abby Denson http://www.abbycomix.com/

Melinda Gebbe, whose book "Lost Girls" with Alan Moore, was finally released, was (Roberta Gregory's guest) at The Big Gay Dinner.

And also former director of promotions for DC Comics, Patty Jeres, who was a big hit on the Gays in Comics Panel.

Alison Bechdel was not there, but her new memoir, "Fun Home" was widely acknowledged as one of the best biographical works around.

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