Friday, July 28, 2006

Get us out from under... Wonder Woman!

Now for a little post Comic-Con fun involving everyone's favorite Amazing Amazon.

Wonder Woman and Batman argue over oral sex:

Some more invisible fun:

Put on you iPod and spin around the house to these two remixes of the Wonder Woman TV show theme song:
The '98 Wonder Woman Dance Edit
and The Kitsch & Camp Mix

These goodies and more were posted on The ‘About Town’ Forum where there is a brilliant Wonder Woman discussion going on. Here is an excerpt from Suzette Chan’s comments:

Good points about the positives and negatives of Perez's reboot. I do think she was conceived as a warrior -- that's what Amazons were in legend -- by Moulton, though with his particular spin on feminism. His Wonder Woman's strength was in restraint, signalled by her lasso and her defensive bracelets, while Perez, who also set out an overt feminist vision, chose to involve more outward, modern militaristic trappings.

The advantage of the Moulton version is that she can have an aspect that keens and has weaknesses like a human, but shows power by restraining that: her having a secret identity was an intrinsic part of all that. But the Perez version has led to to a monolithic-type, fascistic character who is so unweilding in carrying out her annointed purpose, she's not a relatably human character, and worse, bores the piss out of me.

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