Monday, August 11, 2008

"Oh My Eponine!" and Other Spins on "Les Miz"

I bring you Eponine... through the lens of pop-culture. Even if you're not a fan, you will enjoy this stuff!
  • "Oh My Eponine!" by Ozma.
  • Chis Dilley singing "On My Own" with surprise lyrics!
  • The Anime "Les Miserables" with the best Eponine death scene ever.
  • And a Fantine/Valjean fan-vid set to "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" because of the '80s awesomeness.

While enjoying a staged concert of "Les Miserables," Abbie, Brian and I bond over our love for Eponine and conclude that she stands out as the fan-favorite amongst the gays. The reaction of the audience at The Hollywood Bowl to Lea Michele's performance confirms this.

Dancing at Akbar "Les Miz" at The Hollywood Bowl

After the performance, Abbie, Heather and I go dancing at Akbar. Heather's favorite is Cosette, and we love her anyway!

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Coach Christine Elowitt said...

Wait a minute! I have always loved Eponine the best and I am not gay. I thought everyone (except for my mom who loves Fantine - but I would expect the mother of girls to feel that way) related to her the most - unrequited love is a bummer.

I went to Les Miserables at the Hollywood Bowl too. I was there Sunday - what about you?