Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bootie LA Video Peek plus Kay Sedia & Party Ben!

Bootie LA, May 2008

On a packed dance floor, I manage to capture some clips of Bootie LA now at The Echoplex. DJ Paul V is holding down the fort with San Francisco's Party Ben and guest DJ Axel.

Bootie LA, May 2008 Bootie LA, May 2008

The crowd, enthusiastic as ever, sport less pirate costumes, but perhaps everyone is gearing up for next month's 3rd Anniversay Pirate Ball! Click here to see all my pix from the party!

Bootie LA, May 2008 Bootie LA, May 2008

The hilarious Kay Sedia performs a midnight show. Kay is one of my all-time favorite local dragsters, and I was there when she made her debut at Dragstrip 66 back in the day.

Bootie LA, May 2008 Bootie LA, May 2008

You can tell from the picture why the boys and girls all drool over Party Ben. (It's his godlike halo.) And there's me with Tripp Roberts aka DJ Rawburt of the other fantastic mash-up club, BLENDER, at The Faultline.

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