Thursday, November 29, 2007

STYLE WARS: Nerding Up a Fashion Event

Style Wars at CinespaceJanet Harvey and I were covering House of Diehl's STYLE WARS: Style Battle Championship LA for

It was an awesomely cool event where 8 designers competed against each other in 5 minute real-time design challenges and runway walk-offs. (Sort of like an MC battle.)

The styles very "couture, impossible to wear" designs, and one of the judges was Jody Watley who is still incredibly beautiful. (You can read more about it here.)

At one point, in reference to the design pictured below, we had the following exchange:

Me: Hey doesn't that look like something out of Dune?
Janet: Like a Bene Gesserit?
Me: Exactly!
Janet: Wow, did we just totally nerd up a fashion event?

Style Wars at Cinespace

Also, for the ultimate in geek chic, Newspaper Dresses! Designed by Payam Emrani of (You can spot him there wearing a bow-tie.)

Style Wars at Cinespace

You can see the rest of my photographs from Style Wars here.

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Spice must FLOWWW!