Monday, August 06, 2007

13 Comic-Con Video Blogs: Bizarre, Behind-the-Scenes

What if you video-blogged Comic-Con without actually having Comic-Con in any of the videos?

Tim Fish and I set out to do that. The result: 2 clips that feature some of the highlights of Con itself, and 10 clips that feature me and Tim hanging out in hotels, talking about guys, mulling over which party to go. It's a bizarre, behind-the-scenes look at Comic-Con International.

Comic-Con 2007

The shit above is Anderson Gabrych posing with his favorite thing at Comic-Con.

Comic-Con 2007

I have to highlight this one, because it was so immediately popular once I uploaded it. My friend Joanne, a producer and development exec, always joins us for Con and at The Big Gay Dinner. Hanging out with her at Comic-Con is one of my favorite things, and several of the following video-blogs feature hijinks in her hotel room.

Tim and I ponder sleeping arrangements. And a clip with my favorite bits of the Conventions and Roger Klorese of Prism Comics talks about gay comics.

Tim and I discuss "The Comic-Con Dress." Later we ponder what to do with our evening.

We discuss which party to go to and long-haired guys. Tim in his underwear!

Joanne joins us at Baja Fresh. An incident with the champagne.

Joanne makes a confession and we talk size comparisons. A fond fairwell Comic-Con.

And here's a bonus clip of Joanne and I discussing the bedding at The Westin vs. the decor at The Sofia Hotel. Riveting!


Zan said...

You rock, blogger boy. I felt like I was hanging out with you and being lazy, instead of being lazy separately from you, which I was.

It was great seeing you this year, as always. You light up my life!

(For you observant folks, yes, that's me, giggling while Aman looks at anthropomorphic cow teats.)

Next year is the big fifth year anniversary of Prism Comics, so join all the queers in San Diego cuz it's going to be "off the charts!"

Big kisses.

Rich Thigpen said...

WAY cool!

Jonathan said...

who is Cameron?