Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pictures from Comic-Con 2007

I spent last Wednesday through Sunday down at Comic-Con International. I'm amazed at how huge it is now. Saturday was sold out in advance, and Friday sold out during the event itself. The WB was handing out these huge bags that one fan wore on Sunday:

Comic-Con 2007

As usual I stayed with my friends Brian (who is now a viral video star due to "It's all because the gays are getting married...") and Tim Fish, artist and writer of Cavalcade of Boys. I just uploaded 72 pictures to my photostream, and here are some highlights:

Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007

Chandler from LuckyLegendary as The Midnighter. Two amazing Masters of the Universe costumes, Lockjaw and Evil-Lyn.

Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007

The Iron Man prototype armor from the upcoming movie! Some guy in gold speedos. Don't ask.

Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007

Jose Villarrubia, Marc Andreyko and I at The Big Gay Dinner - Year 5. Me and Jabba the Hutt.

Please check out all the rest of the photos from Comic-Con here.

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Rick Andreoli said...

Photos are amazing! Sorry we didn't see you this year. We barely ran into anyone we knew at this year's show, oddly enough. Hope you had a great time!