Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cute Spandex Guys Reveal Which Superhero They Would Do!

More from Hard Heroes 4 at MJ's! In the clip above I asked everyone, "Which superhero they would like to be... and which superhero they would like to do?" Aquaman seemed like a surprisingly popular choice. Who knew?

The clip features lots of awesome guys including Trevor Wayne, Ian O'Phelan, Tobias Trost, Sean Platter, David LeBarron, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac, Ken Knox, the folks from Lucky Legendary and The LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!

Ted Abenheim and Eddie "Sister Erotica" Hibbs put together this benefit for Being Alive LA with help from the LA Sisters and a host of sponsors. I was there as one of the featured artists with the Prism Comics contingent.

There are pics and another video in my previous post. I'll post more photographs and another clip soon. (Busy getting ready for Comic-Con!)

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Scott said...

That was great. I was really surprised that so many people knew so much. A Mike Grell reference? Who knew?