Thursday, January 03, 2008

Skrulls! Why did it have to be Skrulls?!

Marvel's next big thing seems to be "Secret Invasion." From what I gather, it goes along the lines of: "Which characters have secretly been Skrulls all along?" This does sound intriguing; however, am I the only one whose "ret-con sense" is tingling...?

What I find ironic about the teaser image is the inclusion of Phoenix. I mean they've already done "Phoenix wasn't Jean Grey but rather an alien entity" didn't they? I know we're all supposed to think of that as the Origin-of-Phoenix now, but really... that was a ret-con.

Admit it! Phoenix was just supposed to be Jean Grey with her powers at full volume (like in X3) and then when they wanted to bring her back they added the "cosmic entity" gunk which has since convoluted and re-convoluted her origin. Just sayin'.


closetalk said...

hehe. fan of jean grey here. :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I feel the same way!