Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Equus Gets Hot New Star: Steve Jones

TV Host and former model, Steve Jones, takes over Daniel Radcliffe's role in Equus.

And here's the classic Steve Jones plants one on Jake "Scissors Sisters" Shears clip:

I always love how flustered Shears is for the rest of the clip!


closetalk said...

mmm.. he IS yummy :)
thanks for dropping by.o, and great artwork. makes me regret not carrying on my sexy drawings in high school! hehehe

- talkingclosets. said...

mmm...Steve Jones...and remind me to tell you sometime about my crazy rock star all-nighter involving Anaheim, A limo, cocktails, cocaine, the B52s, The Scissor Sisters, and a hand job by Jake Shears in a van on the 101 at 3am.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Aman, you always have the funnest stuff on your blog!

I'm also here to TAG YOU, baby! Please visit my blog to find out what this is about if you're unfamiliar.



Crazy Sam said...

Damn! Steve is hot hot so hot!!