Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It's amazing to me how much a google of the name "Sanjaya" will yield. It's a little ridiculous that a contestant on American Idol is generating so much internet buzz.

My favorite headline was: "Some say 'Idol' credibility at stake if Sanjaya wins."

Really. Wow! The credibility of a glorified karaoke game show is at stake. It seems as if the public has come to identify this show with "America." The obsession/controversy that this has been generating is up there with Gay Marriage and the The War Against Terror (TWAT).

It's as if the public read: "Some say America's credibility at stake if Sanjaya wins."

Golly, folks... look who we've elected President for two terms. And now you're wondering about credibility.

For a rundown of headlines on the internet check here.

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